“Paz… Mis Hermanos:

La religión es UNA, son las expresiones religiosas de los hombres las que son múltiples; más no obstante todas las doctrinas, la del CRISTO resulta siempre vencedora. Vigor que proviene de su origen puro, porque más allá de las sectas del Cristianismo hay una ley CRÍSTICA.

Esta "CRISTIFICACIÓN" (cristalización) se produce en

épocas sucesivas y de acuerdo a Principios bien


Llamamos a los Reyes Magos para que vengan una vez más, a reconocer al ¡ Maestro Divino! Al cual saludaron en su cuna hace más de dos mil años...”

Dr. Serge Raynaud de la Ferrière, Nueva York, 1949

“Peace... My Brothers,

Religion is ONE, it is the religious expressions of man that are numerous; in spite of all the doctrines, Christ’s has always resulted victorious. Vigor which comes from its pure origins, because beyond the Christian sects there is a CHRISTIC law.

This “CHRISTIFICATION” (crystallization) occurs in

successive times and in accordance with very well known


Let us call upon the Wise Men to come once more, to recognize the Divine Master! To whom they greeted in his cradle more than two thousand years ago...”

Dr. Serge Raynaud de la Ferrière, New York, 1949

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December 17th 2011, Oakville, Canada- The Magna Fraternitas Universalis celebrated their end of year Christmas get together in with its members from Hamilton, Oakville and Toronto.


It was an intimate get together, were the true meaning behind the 25th of December was discussed, with a history far longer than 2000 years ago.


Cooperative games were played, to which our youngest member enjoyed, and a delicious vegetarian meal was served for our special guests. Members greatly enjoyed the Christmas caroling at the end, along with our secret santa gift exchange.


We would like to thank all of those who helped to organize the event, in particular Maryandra Urribarri, Denny Sofia Loiza, Caytlin MacKinnon, Pamela Aspilcueta and Alice Romo.

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