Manga Fraternitas Universalis- The Union of Science and Art Conference at the Grand Central Library

Magna_Fraternitas_Universalis_y_ELICMarch 24th, 2012, NYC, USA- In union with the ELIC Foundation, and its international members from Peru, the USA, and Canada, the Magna Fraternitas Universalis Foundation organized the conference, "The Union of Science and Art" at the Grand Central Library in New York City. The two speakers of this conference were: Esteban Correa, Lawyer and Executive Member of the Magna Fraternitas Universalis in Chicago, USA and Janice Ferrand, Child Psychologist and President of the 6th World Congress of Childhood Talent of the ELIC Foundation from Lima, Peru.

As presented by Esteban Correa of the Magna Fraternitas Universalis, we live in an era of coordination and elective affinities where human beings will discover new horizons, horizons that exists within human beings' union with society, within cooperation and within study and research. This era, which is considered to be an era of union, will also carry
out its changes to two branches of Knowing that have been separated for a long period of time: Science and Art.


This fusion will awaken within our society, new planes of realization and experience, changes in perception that will give a greater sensibility to scientific research, greater sensibility towards furthering sciences of aesthetic creation and the union of reason and intuition.

“The ancients had an excellent classification in the meaning that they sought to give to art, where inspiration and reason were combined.”

Art in the New Era, p. 241/2 by Dr. S.R. De la Ferriere

“...Even the experience of those who teach in the Conservatory or in the Faculty of Music that arrive with their feelings towards melodies, from the 2nd to the 4th years of study within the program, would come to live mathematics within the precision of music before returning back towards an inspiration of virtuosity.

This great art-science-art process must be established within the complete experience of the rest of the creative and aesthetic experiences of the New Era. As well, the experience of science-art-science is valid within continuous creativity and within precious scientific research...”

The Retirement of the Maester, p.161 by Dr. David Ferriz O.

As well, the union of science and art would contribute to the field of education, creating a more suitable environment for child development.

Janice Ferrand of the ELIC Foundation continued by presenting from the book Education for Talent and Peace, we find that the Union of Science and Art, represents a vanguard educative/shaping proposal of which the ELIC Foundation applies through their programs, allowing for the reunion of the two areas of human knowing that for thousands of years have been seen as detached from one another. Art unites to science within the ELIC Foundation in order to awaken within children the love for truth, which they themselves discover through investigation and in order for them to also investigate their own sensibility with the goal of enriching it with the objective world that surrounds them.

As explained by María Nilda Cerf Arbulú and José Miguel Esborronda Andrade, "The previous quote deduces that beyond investigation a love for truth is needed. Within the world of teachers and of society in general we should find ways to not only transmit the truths but to also transmit the love towards these truths, of which we repeat, are not absolute truths but truths that are discovered and proposed with a basis in observation, reflection and the critical analysis within research."


We greatly thank the Gran Central Library of New York City for making this event possible.

We as well greatly thank our speakers and members of the Magna Fraternitas Universalis Foundation and the ELIC Foundation from Peru, the USA and Canada, for organizing this event.


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